“We live in a neighborhood of very nice homes, but very small lots. Out of 42 homes in our subdivision, only one has a pool. It was always our dream to have a small pool put in. Now all we needed to do was to contract someone to put in the pool. We initially called the most prominent builder of pools on Saint Simons Island and they sent out a representative. He took a very quick look at the space in our side yard and said there was no way they could get a pool in there, even the smallest one. We were disappointed, and then our neighbor from across the street told us about a Landscape Designer who had done some marvelous patio and deck work for her. We looked at her space and it was indeed incredibly beautiful. She recommended that we call her designer, Mr. Faulkner Bell, and have him come out and look at our space. Mr. Bell came out and said that not only could he fit a pool in our space, but he could transform the whole yard into an outdoor showplace. We hired him, and 6 weeks later, we have a beautiful pool, patio, fire pit, outdoor chairs and tables, and beautifully landscaped greenery in flower pots and growing on our fence and walls. He put in touches that we could have never imagined. For the work and design he put in, his cost is most reasonable. If anyone reading this wants proof of everything I have said, you are welcome to e-mail me at cj797@comcast.net and I will send you pictures of everything. I highly recommend Mr. Bell for any type of outdoor landscaping that is sure to make your home not only more beautiful, but will add an untold amount to its value, should you ever decide to sell. For my husband and I, we are so happy with our new space that we will never leave this house now.


A House with a Pool View

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