Sandbucks is the creative name given this property by its owners.  The significance of the name is twofold. SAND – for the sand of the St. Simons Island beaches and BUCKS for the investment to the house. The backyard of this property was completely overgrown and inaccessible. Walkway consisted of circular stepping stones which were later utilized as a hop scotch course for the grandkids. Now the owners have an outdoor oasis to entertain friends and family. A fire pit is the focal point of the patio which is surrounded by a beautiful seat wall and columns with fieldstone caps. The entrance to the back porch was expanded and rounded for function and aesthetics. The owner’s love of the flamingo can be seen in the decorations added to the landscape. Flamingos symbolize beauty, balance, and grace as does the owner of this island getaway.

As you scroll through the pictures, the bear symbolizes the Great Smokey Mountains where the owners are from. The pink bathing suit and sun hat symbolizes breast cancer which one of the owners is a survivor. In front of the bear, is a handmade sandbox with bench seating that folds down as the top. This, of course, is for the grandchildren.


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